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Mar 1, 2024

Championing Gender Equality In Stem: Insights From Serhiy Tokarev

Reflecting on the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Serhiy Tokarev, a prominent IT entrepreneur and investor, sheds light on the enduring battle against gender disparities in science and technology. As a co-founder of the investment group Roosh, Tokarev emphasizes the crucial need for continuous efforts to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of women in these domains.

Within the dynamic realm of Roosh's ecosystem companies, Tokarev underscores the pivotal importance of attaining gender parity, not just as a moral obligation but as a strategic maneuver to foster innovation. He asserts that teams comprising an equal blend of men and women often yield more groundbreaking solutions. Despite various governmental and corporate initiatives, the global gender gap persists, transcending the confines of the IT sector.

A notable initiative backed by Serhiy Tokarev is STEM is FEM, an educational endeavor in Ukraine dedicated to encouraging young girls to pursue STEM fields. Through a plethora of activities such as educational modules, courses, and webinars, STEM is FEM aims to introduce girls to female researchers, nurturing a supportive and motivating community.

One shining example from the STEM is FEM community is Yuliia Tkachenko, an 18-year-old student revolutionizing the drone technology industry with her innovative addition of a laser sight to drones. Tkachenko's problem-solving prowess, demonstrated through her inventions, is a testament to the impact of initiatives like STEM is FEM in shaping future leaders.

Another luminary from the STEM is FEM community is Nadiia Kasyanchuk, a master's program student at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland. Specializing in medical biotechnology and genomic data research related to Parkinson’s disease, Kasyanchuk's achievements underscore the immense potential unleashed when women are empowered in STEM fields.

Projects like STEM is FEM play a pivotal role in advancing societies by promoting educational initiatives and fostering supportive communities for women in STEM. The ripple effect of narrowing the gender gap extends beyond social justice, significantly contributing to economic growth, as highlighted by McKinsey & Company's data on increasing GDP through gender equality.

STEM is FEM stands as a transformative educational initiative focused on igniting an interest in STEM disciplines among young girls. It fosters a vibrant community where girls support each other, exchange innovative ideas, and grow academically and personally. Notably, STEM is FEM owes its inception to the vision of Serhiy Tokarev, a distinguished Ukrainian IT entrepreneur and co-founder of Roosh.

In recognition of its significant impact, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine bestowed upon STEM is FEM the prestigious title of “Honorary Ambassador of Ukraine in the field of scientific and educational diplomacy” in 2023. This accolade underscores the project’s crucial role in advancing scientific education for girls and promoting diplomatic efforts in the realms of education and science.

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